Emmaus High School Class of 70
Emmaus High School Class of 70

                   Our Legacy Gift to the EHS Angel Network

In honor of our 50th year high school reunion the planning committee decided to present our alma mater with a special gift to mark our legacy and make a positve impact on students at the school.  The gift is in the form of a monetary donation to the EHS Angel Network whose goal is to help disadvantaged students succeed in life -- both in and out of school --by providing them with basic assistance on an immediate, short term basis. 


While it was our intention to present the Angel Network with this gift at our 50th reunion in June of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed all of that.  Knowing that many families in the East Penn School District needed the services of the Angel Network more than ever after the pandemic began, the committee decided to make an immediate donation of $8000 to the organization in April 2020.  In the meantime classmates kept sending in addtional contributions, the balance of which the committee decided would be presented to the Angels at our postponed reunion in June of 2021.   However, as the summer slipped into fall and the pandemic worsened instead of getting better, the committee began to question whether our reunion would have to be postponed yet again.  That realization combined with worsening economic hardships convinced the committee members that it was time to donate the remaining funds allocated for the Angel Network sooner rather than later.  Therefore, on November 5, 2020 we presented the EHS Angel Network with a second check for $5000 bringing the total contribution to a remarkable amount of $13,000!

Our initial gift has already had an impact

on families served by the Angel Network.

To view samples of their gratitude, just

click on the picture above.



In July of 2020 Emmaus High School held

a virtual graduation ceremony and EHS Principal Dr. Kate Kieres took time during the introduction to personally thank our class for the $8000 contribution we made to the Angel Network earlier that year.  Click on her picture above to hear this wonderful tribute.

On November 5, 2020 the reunion committee presented the EHS Angel Network  with a second contribution to complete our legacy gift totaling $13,000.  Click on the picture above to view a front-page article in the East Penn Press that mentioned our class's outstanding generosity.

The reunion committee is no longer collecting contributions for the EHS Angel Network but if you would like to make a personal donation to this great organization just click HERE and look for the "Donate" icon on their website's homepage.

The following classmates are recognized for their generous contributions toward our legacy gift to the Angel Network.  THANK YOU for your part in paying it forward!

Bob Beisel
Brandon Lehman
Bruce Rockwell
Carl Johnson
Carl Smartschan
Charles Shoemaker
Charlie Messick
Claudia Bieber Steckel
Dan Pennebacker
Dave Feist
Dave Williams

Debby Neely Corby
Dennis Scholl
Donna Hallman Findlay

Donna Kohl Gerhart

Ellie Kirby Raudenbush

Gale Gilbert Miller
Gale Gollnick Smith
Gary Rosazza
Glenn Hertzog
Greg Guditus
Heather Rodale & Carl Barndt
Holly Hinkle Graff-Culhane
Jeannette Wilcox Fuhrman
Jeff Snyder
Jenny Peters Weiss
Joel Olesksa
John Pospischil
Karen Fenstermaker Waelchli

Karen Norelli

Kathy Gaal Getchell

Kenny Schuler
Linda Woodin
Margrit Steinke Kaufman
Mike Lindstrom
Peggy Coker
Randy Doney
Rick Sell

Ron Bechtel
Sam Wierman
Susan Seem
Thom Kollar
Winona Haas Schapell